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BSEB Perinatal Support Specialists are proud to have helped countless women deliver their babies, guiding them through their first steps of parenting and beyond. Every relationship is important and special for us, and it is our pleasure to share with you some of our feedback.

Testimonials: Testimonials

During Pregnancy & Birthing...

  • My Doula was there by my side every minute. Comforted me with knowledge I could understand.

  • All the support made my birthing experience very easy and quick

  • My Doula was there when things didn't go right and gave me support when my family did not

  • She made sure I had all the information I needed and requested

  • Just having her [Doula] present and available was great. She also provided support and education to my Mom

  • I felt extreme amounts of support from [Doula] throughout both of my kids birth

  • Helped comfort me through contractions and the birth

  • Having Doula support made everything way better than my last 2 births

  • Very helpful, listened to all my opinions she met all of my needs

  • This birth was much easier and enjoyable due to how much support I had from the Doula

  • She (Doula) was amazing with providing emotional support for me and FOB (father of the baby) also explaining what was going on at different times to help get through the labor

  • She was awesome, helpful mentally and emotionally​

  • Helped me a lot about birth that gave me great confidence

  • I felt more safe when I saw her face.  She rubbed my back and took care of me.  She got me drinks and even took care of (baby's father).

During Parenting...

  • This is an excellent program especially for young adults who have little to no experience in taking care of babies

  • I am a single full-time dad and because of the help of this program I have accomplished so much and have become the parent I have hoped to be

  • Love working with [my provider] she is very helpful and always helps me work on issues that I come across with my child

  • I love the support & services. Helps me to be more confident knowing I have [BSEB] to count on

  • I’m thankful and grateful for these services because it has made me a more prepared and confident parent.  Thank you

  • I know because of the knowledge you presented us and with the Circle of Security Class we will be just fine.  I am sad to say goodbye but others need your help and I don’t anymore

  • I love this service.  It has built my confidence as a parent to know I can do this!

  • Awesome, creative and I learned some new things that I can use with my daughter

  • Helped me be a better mom 

  • Helped me be a better parent and balance work, motherhood and living alone

  • You guys are great, would recommend you to family and friends.  You helped me a lot.  I'll give you an A+++.  Guys don’t change, your perfect the way you are

  • Was helpful and a good role model for me.

  • This opportunity is very appreciated!!  I formed an instant bond with my Doula like I’ve know her all my life

  • Great emotional support including the baby’s father in appointments.  As a second time mom she has taught me great practical and useful skills for my 2yr old and refreshers for my newborn.  She has also helped support and encourage the baby’s father with learning how to help and be supportive

  • Dedication to helping me be a better parent and person

  • It’s a really good agency to help in becoming a new mom, forming a wonderful bond with the perinatal staff- it woke me up to be a better mom and to be successful

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