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Prenatal Support - available early in pregnancy or in any trimester 

  • attend & support prenatal medical care appointments

  • deliver client-centered prenatal education

  • support in preparing for birth & parenting   

  • assist with identifying birth goals & creating supportive care plans 

  • connect into added community programs & providers 

Labor & Birth Support- (doula's provide non-medical emotional, physical, educational support & advocacy in childbirth for the birthing person & supports) 

  • 24/7 on-call phone support in the weeks surrounding your estimated due date

  • provide continuous Doula support during active labor & birth 

  • aid in advocating your birthing goals & traditions 

  • support with understanding your labor & birth as it progresses

  • assist with hospital discharge and settling in at home after birth

Intensive Postpartum Support - in the early weeks after birth to maximizing healing, rest and bonding

  • increased home visits & on-call phone supports

  • provide education in postpartum recovery & newborn care practices

  • offer lactation counseling & newborn feeding support

  • assist with practical supports; light household chores, meal prep, light errands, allowing time for self-care 

Parenting Education Services - utilize evidence-based/influenced curricula and practices

  • provide instruction & modeling of age-appropriate, positive attachment and parenting techniques 

  • attend & support pediatric appointments

  • conduct child developmental milestone screenings

  • support connection into added community parenting programs & supports 

BSEB collaborates with your support systems, medical providers and community programs to help you achieve your goals. 

Our Perinatal Support Specialists (PSS) conduct wellness screenings & provide education in all stages of pregnancy, birth and parenting for all caregivers.  

We have extensive training in supporting and facilitating pathways for care when indicated, especially for Perinatal Mood and Anxiety Disorders (PMAD's), Intimate Partner Violence (IPV) & delays in achieving Childhood Developmental Milestones.

Overview of Services: Our Services

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