Sleeping Newborn



(during the initial postpartum period at home)


  • physical, emotional and educational support and assistance with maternal and newborn care

  • modelling safe & nurturing care skills to foster secure attachment and bonding techniques

  • demonstration on how to recognize and assess infant illness, concerns and how to access medical treatment

  • instruction on SIDS & shaken baby prevention, American Academy of Pediatrics newborn care & safety recommendations

  • breast/bottle feeding, education, support & counselling 

  • perinatal mental health education with (PMAD) assessments for client and partner with referrals for intervention and treatment when indicated

  • provide light housekeeping & organization to help alleviate feeling overwhelmed while learning newborn needs

  • running light errands necessary for infant/maternal care

  • assistance with newborn care such as diapering, bathing, feeding and comforting

  • healthy maternal nutrition education with light meal preparation

  • linkage & connection to community family support programs & providers

  • contraception & spatial family planning education

Example of an IPS support schedule:

(schedules are based on the individual needs of the family) 

Week one:  4 hrs day/4 days week

Week two:  3 hrs day/4 days week

Week three:  3 hrs day/3 days week

Week four:  3 hrs day/2 days week

Week five:  2 hrs day/2 days week

Week six:  2 hrs day/1 day week​​​​